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An podcast conversation with Tobias N. Sasse (@tnsasse) about: ToDo applications with Visual Basic, Delphi, Turbo Pascal, Java in Spain, Cookbook about Java with Object Oriented Hamburgers, reading data from DB 2 to Hadoop, DB2 rocks, workshops, WebSphere Libery, OpenLiberty and Microservices, Right-Sized services, stupid microservices or reasonable software practices, the interview: "10.000 Thin WAR deployment cycles or IoT with pure Java EE at IBM", IBM Elderly Care, applying smart home devices to help elderly people, Cognitive Eldercare, streaming data with Java EE 7, Java EE 8 and MicroProfile, Watson IoT Platform, MQTT Broker, caching home hub or base station, Quality of Service with MQTT -- Deliver Once, why the WARs are 5 MB big, 10 microservices and their names, Boundary Control Entity (BCE) or API, Service and Model, without BCE you don't have to focus on business, 5 developers with 10 WARs, why youngsters love Java EE, using Java EE without thinking about it, boring Java EE without "best of breed", teasing Java EE to youngsters, hack zurich, JavaScript looks more like Java, the browser is the JVM, architects damaging the developer experience, from cloudfoundry to kubernetes, 10k deployments, few seconds for Thin WAR deployment, lightning Maven builds, OpenLiberty on Docklands, OpenLiberty: modularity without incovenience, mixing MicroProfile with Java EE 8, MicroProfile: the incubator to Java EE, Java EE as the based layer, OpenLiberty: buying support is optional, the days of factories, interfaces and crazy patters are over, no Impls, focussing on the business problem, inspiring, conference, Tobias at Linked-in and twitter: @tnsasse.


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