Jakarta EE without Docker, Fulltext Search, Connection Pools, Passwords, Fluid Logic, Thread-Safety and EntityManager--or 67th airhacks.tv

Topics for 67th airhacks.tv episode (https://gist.github.com/AdamBien/1a227df3f1701e4a12a751d3f7d1633e):

  1. Quarkus JSF
  2. The best approach to deploy Jakarta EE applications without Docker / containers
  3. Fulltext search with JPA and EclipseLink
  4. Integration testing and databases
  5. Configuring the number of DB connections in a connection pool
  6. Quarkus datasource configuration
  7. Thoughts on "Fluid Logic" pattern implementation
  8. EntityManager: transactions vs. thread-safeness
  9. Integration tests with JPA and auto-registration
  10. Jakarta EE and Java EE specifications
  11. JAX-RS and the added value of @Stateless
  12. The easy setup of Jakarta EE

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