Java EE 6, Multimedia, Clientside Java, Transparency, Openness and JCP Event in Munich

At the 17th August in Munich there was a JCP-Roundtable Event with some luminaries:

  • Ed Cobb,BEA Systems, JCP EC Java SE/EE;
  • Danny Coward, Sun Microsystems, JCP EC Java SE/EE;
  • Michael DeNicola, Fujitsu, JCP EC Java SE/EE;
  • Jean-Marie Dautelle, freelancer, JCP EC Java ME;
  • Calinel Pasteanu, Sun Microsystems, JCP EC Java ME,
  • Ono Kluyt,  senior director of the JCP
as well as jounalists and community leaders. In the first part of this event Ono Kluyt introduced the JCP ECs. The second part - the actual round table, the participants asked questions about the JCP itself, as well as about the Java EE 6, OpenJDK, especially Profiles, Multimedia and "Micro Edition". I was especially curious about the future development of the JCP and especially the transparency of JSR. The JSPA Agreement is still restrictive (see reactions to my post Sorry, but I like the idea of JCP and especially the JSRs), so I asked directly what the future is. In fact it seems like the process itself is going to be more open and especially transparent. In fact some specifications like JSR-310 are already totally open - even the development mailing list. I'm also allowed to blog and discuss Java EE 6, EJB 3.1 and JPA 2.0 stuff and gather the requirements - so stay tuned.
My general impression was: the ECs were really interested to make the JCP even more open and transparent.


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