Java EE 7 Bootstrap Is Available ...Online

Three times a year I deliver a series of Java EE 7 / Java 8 Workshops called (there are some seats left for December :-)). I get more and more requests to deliver the standard set workshops in other locations, but I'm a Singleton and Singletons do not scale.

Now the Java EE 7 Bootstrap course is available online. From annotations over DI, Bean Validation, CDI, EJB to UI. 22 modules are waiting for you.

My personal goal was to keep the course as short as only possible--sometimes I re-recorded the modules multiple times to shorten them. The whole course takes 3 hours of continuous coding with a few sketches. Originally I thought about 1h, so I missed the target a bit...

If you are more interested in specific topics / internal workshops, checkout Dedicated Online Workshops.

If you have questions, see you at

See you at Java EE Workshops at Munich Airport, Terminal 2!


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