Java EE 8, JavaOne Impressions, REST APIs, JDK vs. openJDK, API Gateways, Load Balancing, Event Sourcing, Clusters or Questions for the 31st Q&A

JavaOne 2016 report, Java EE 8 news and questions ( for the 31st, Monday, October 3rd, 6 pm CET, (checkout past episodes):

  1. JavaOne impressions
  2. Java EE 8/9 news, contents, roadmaps and caveats
  3. Load balancing Java EE servers on Docker
  4. Oracle JVM vs. others
  5. CDI and clustering
  6. Combining JAX-RS and JSF
  7. "Micro" vs. "Full" application servers and docker
  8. JDBC pool configuration on docker
  9. Portable SAM modules
  10. Java FX and the future
  11. REST API and validation
  12. Consuming REST services (HTTP header interpretation)
  13. How to profile server startup
  14. Service communication without docker
  15. How to consume / choose JavaOne sessions?
  16. WildFly monitoring capabilities
  17. Event sourcing and Java EE
  18. REST API doc generation

The questions above are going to be answered during the next "Airhacks Q & A" live. You can subscribe to the channel and / or for the next event: (both is optional, no registration required to watch this event live).

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