Java EE 8 Plans, Oracles Statement, Performance Smoke, Software Quality Rules, Cross-Jars Alternatives or 29th Questions and Answers

Questions for the 29th a, Today (August, 1st) at 6pm CET (see archives):

  1. Java EE 8 news: semi-official Oracle plans for Java EE 8, JavaOne (discussion)
  2. Serving files without a WAR
  3. Java EE performance monitoring and results interpretation
  4. Software quality with Sonar and Java EE: rules, defaults and real world
  5. Accessing EJBs from EntityListener's
  6. Running "Server Smoke" on 141 Processors and 10 TB
  7. Cross-Jar @Alternative's
  8. Referencing Entity Manager from JPA Entities
  9. JAX-RS ExceptionMappers in internet-facing API
  10. EntityManager, serialization and clustering
  11. BCE: referencing JPA entities from other components

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