Java EE Architectures, Patterns and Hacking, ...or Code Driven Workshop in Munich

I'm frequently asked via email, about open (not inhouse) workshops / classes I give. So, the next one is in Munich, from 09.06 - 11.06.2008. It will definetely take place (this is often the next question :-)). We will together discuss SOA-based, as well as Domain Driven Design / architectures, review some Patterns / Anti-Patterns and best practices from "real world" perspective. I will introduce some presentation tier patterns (Passive View, Supervising Controller) using JSF and Swing regarding testability, and WYSIWYG tool usage.

New Java EE 6 features like Rest (JSR-311), EJB 3.1 and WebBeans (JSR-299) etc. will be discussed as well.  However this workshop will be code-driven, so we will at least implement one, fully functional application :-).


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