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An conversation with Markus Kett (@MarkusKett) about:

C64 and sports games, Weiden is not in Bavarian Forest, soccer as motivation for programming, writing first programs in basic with 17, writing contacts management, PCs are boring machines, but good for business, Java is the best programming language, Pentium 1 was introduced at CEBIT in 1993, the dream about an own booth at CEBIT came true, webdesign software based on applets (XPage) was very successful at SYSTEMS in Munich, Markus was the business man and had no time for programming - like Steve Jobs, self-financing with selling products, competing with Microsoft and Adobe, writing a 4GL Java-based development environment like Visual Basic called XDev, Java Developers don't like the Drag and Drop programming experience, building an IDE from scratch, discussions with Sun Microsystems about StarOffice integration, migrating from Swing to SWT and Eclipse, using Vaadin as UI technology, connecting beautiful UI to DB was too hard, databases have more types than Java what makes code generation hard, in 4GL the database comes first, RapidEclipse is free but commercial support is available, XDev provides tool and project support, RapidClipse understands rich database types and generates JPA POJOs, Hibernate importer, how to write queries in Java, implementing JPA-SQL is based on xtext by itemis and generates JPA-QL from SQL, storing data is still too complicated, serialization looked promising but was too unsecure and only entire objects can be serialized, Kryo, Fast Serializer, JetStream (renamed to Microstream) serializer, the database engine stores objects in any file storage, there is no impedance mismatch, the native Java storage engine, queries are performed with Java 8+ streams, JCA connector passes transactions and security context to the application server, JCA prototypical implementation, kubernetes persistent volumes, Bavarian Forrest is like Canada, the largest walking robot, Roding race car, being a TV host on Giga, constant 30k downloads and the XDev TV, DVDs were more successful than TV, JCon and the coding keynote, Java EE as secret weapon at JCon, stealing (adapting) the "no slides" ideas, the world first free, physical, Java magazine JAVAPRO with 8500 readers, community prefers Java-only conference,
Markus Kett on twitter: @MarkusKett. JetStream was renamed to MicroStream.

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