JavaOne 2014--The Zero Day

  1. More attendees than last year
  2. More sponsors, exhibition hall is packed
  3. 500 sessions--content is really good (I'm going to spend 14h a day at the conference attending sessions)
  4. NetBeans session Free Java Tools for Maven and Java EE [UGF8872] was full. I couldn't even get in as speaker first.
  5. Attendees are eager to ask questions and participate. Because of this, there was no time for lunch. TooManyQuestionsBetweenSessionsException
  6. GlassFish / JavaEE party was bigger than ever before--a nice opportunity to continue the conversation

The only problem is: Keynotes became a bit boring (was fixed at Thursday). Java is open source and the JCP open what makes "breaking news" impossible :-).


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