JavaONE And ...The Most Used IDE In The Technical Sessions Was...

During some technical sessions at JavaONE speakers presented some code or demos. I was just curious, which IDEs they used. My observation was:

  • in desktop related tracks mostly intelliJ was used. The exception from the rule was the Netbeans RCP vs. Eclise RCP session, were Netbeans and Eclipse were used :-).
  • in the serverside related sessions mostly Netbeans, sometimes intelliJ were used

At general sessions / keynotes Netbeans was used almost exclusively for some reason :-). In my talk I used Netbeans 6.1 as well - I needed an IDE with visual designer for Swing, as well as JSF.

It is hard to say, whether intelliJ, or Netbeans was actually the most used - however I never saw Eclipse in action on stage (except in the Netbeans vs. Eclipse talk).

JavaONE 2008 is over - but I'm already looking forward to the Jazoon conference - I will discuss my experiences with Glassfish in production.


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