Jigsaw is Enough, Future of Enterprise Java, Too Late For Java EE 6 and Crazy J2EE ...with Spring - or - The Best Of March

  1. Jigsaw / JDK 1.7 will be the solution for 80% of the modularization challenges (31317 views)
  2. Future Of Enterprise Java ...Is Clear (Java EE with/without Spring and Vice Versa) (24908 views)
  3. Java EE 6 Is Nice, But It Is Too Late.... (17792 views)
  4. How To Kill An OSGi Project - With 10 Questions (14766 views)
  5. Crazy J2EE World - With Spring On Top (12695 views)

and:  458663  direct requests  (best result ever, February was 352961),  88500 RSS reads (best result ever, February was 77397) and  39845  atom reads (best result ever, February was: 31476)

Daily Avg. Visitors  9316 (February  7831) (best result ever)

Total Visitors  288818 (February  219295) (best result ever) 

Total Hits:  1038403 (February  747509) (best result ever)

Thanks to all visitors not only for reading, but especially for commenting and feedback (>3.5 comments per post on average and emails) - March was by far the best month ever.


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