JWT, Authorization, Kafka vs. JMS, Streaming, Containers, Serverless, Code Coverage, CI/CD--or 63rd airhacks.tv

Topics for the 63rd airhacks.tv episode: https://gist.github.com/AdamBien/994d66074ce6a93a967e0720b714de2f:

  1. Answering past JWT questions and jwtenizr.sh introduction
  2. Kafka Streaming and co. Streaming Architectures Workshop
  3. No JARs in WARs and the exceptional cases
  4. Java an alien in serverless world?
  5. Java and cgroups
  6. Java in containers boot time
  7. EJB, RequestScoped, ApplicationScoped for JAX-RS resources
  8. Asynchronous clients, forbidden threads and async JAX-RS client
  9. OpenLiberty with tuned configuration vs. Quarkus
  10. Code Coverage and System Tests
  11. CI/CD setup with Jenkins
  12. JMS vs. Kafka

Ask questions during the show via twitter mentioning me: http://twitter.com/AdamBien (@AdamBien) or using the hashtag: #airhacks. You can join the Q&A session live each first Monday of month, 6 P.M at airhacks.tv or http://www.ustream.tv/channel/adambien

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