Kafka, JAX-RS, MicroProfile, JSON-B, GSON, JWT, VSC, NetBeans, Java Fullstack--75th airhacks.tv

75th airhacks.tv episode started with a few viewers questions and ended answering 20+ topics like:

"Kafka vs. JAX-RS / RPC, thoughts about APIs, JSON-B vs. GSON, Path.of over Paths.get, Java Records, MicroProfile JWT, beginners vs. expert content, best Java fullstack, code coverage, NetBeans in 2020, Visual Studio Setup for Java, screencast configuration, ReactJS / Angular over JSF?, JSON-P vs. JSON-B, security code scanning"

Any questions left? Ask now: https://gist.github.com/AdamBien/ed9b266efa084a74864b0e9f5512f29c and get the answers at the next airhacks.tv.


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