Late Summer Java (SE,FX,EE) Hacks

  1. Munich Airhacks: From Java EE to HTML 5, 21st to 25th July:
  2. Virtual: 5th, 6th and 7th Airhacks Q & A (each first Monday of the month at 6 P.M. (CET): Temporary questions repo:
  3. Hamburg: "Java EE Patterns and Best Practices", 11th-13th August,
  4. Rapperswil: Java EE 7 + Java 8 Good Practices, 9th September,
  5. San Francisco: JavaOne, 28th September, 9th October, "Enterprise Nashorn", Productive Java FX 8, Unorthodox Enterprise Practices and Java EE 8 Community Update and Panel"
  6. Munich Airhacks: "Java 8 with Java EE 7 or The Impact of Java 8 on Java EE Applications"

Enjoy the summer of Java!


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