Lightning Fast Java EE 8 and 9 Releases, Running JMS Servers, Configuration Managment or Questions for the 30th Q&A

Questions for the 30th, today (August, Monday, 29th) at 6pm CET (checkout past episodes):

  1. Lightning Fast Java EE 8 and 9 Releases
  2. Docklands on
  3. How to run JMS Servers
  4. MDB and AMQP
  5. Managing environment specific configuration without a DB
  6. How to stress test WebSockets?
  7. Nashorn and Docklands
  8. Using DTOs as data encapsulation pattern
  9. Personal opinion about Angular 2, React and Co.
  10. Manipulating data in JPA Entity accessors
  11. Storing data in a secure cookies
  12. Generating large PDF documents
  13. A Java Project of the month

The questions above are going to be answered during the next "Airhacks Q & A" live. You can subscribe to the channel and / or for the next event: (both is optional, no registration required to watch this event live).

If you still miss a question, ask at, write a comment on this post, tweet your question with the hashtag "#airhacks" or mention me

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