MicroProfile: @Counted vs. @Gauge

MicroProfile Metrics comes with @Counted and @Gauge annotations:

public class PingResource {

    @Counted(monotonic = true)
    public String ping() {
        return "Enjoy MicroProfile and Java EE 8";

    @Gauge(unit = "correctness")
    public int answer() {
        return 42;

According to the microprofile specification, the @Counted annotation:

"Denotes a counter, which counts the invocations of the annotated object."
with default unit: MetricUnits.NONE

In contrary, the @Gauge annotation:

"Denotes a gauge, which samples the value of the annotated object."
no default, must be supplied by the user.

Typical output (curl -H"Accept: application/json" http://localhost:9080/metrics/application):


The @Counted annotation automatically counts the total invocations of the annotation method (monotonic=true), or the amount of parallel invoked methods at any time: (monotonic=false) (ConcurrentGauge will probably replace: (monotonic=false)).

On the other hand, the @Gauge exposes the return value of the annotated method as a metric.

@Gauge annotations are used to expose metrics with dedicated methods. The values have to be provided by the developer (e.g. number of orders in the DB) and the method is going to be invoked by the metrics infrastructure.

Business methods can be additionally annotated with: @Counted and their invocation count is going to be exposed as a metric.

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