NB 6.1m1 and some smoke

Netbeans 6.1 Milestone 1 is available. I was just curious and installed the latest bits. The first thing I tried was the incremental directory deployment of the RunAndBikeDB.  It is the sample, opensource application which manages training data. It is based on Java EE and presentation patterns (like Passive View and Supervising Controller). The funny story here: since I introduced the ranking of best runners/bikers, I got about 60 new registrations in 24h :-)... Back to netbeans. My general observations are:

  1. 6.1m1 seems to be slower then 6.0 final.
  2. JSF pages, which are created with 6.0 cannot be displayed with 6.1m1. (red bar + error like)
  3. Incremental deployment seems to work on Vista, but it is slow...
My general recomendation: work with NB 6.0. It is rock solid and fast. However I will check from time to time the 6.1 stream, because of it new functionality (like pop-up windows in JSF).


hej adam,

i klicked on your runandbike db link twice...
Every time i did it..my windows xp (firefox) hung up...grrr

Posted by on January 31, 2008 at 12:47 AM CET #


I just built in windows XP protection... :-)

Posted by Adam Bien on January 31, 2008 at 02:01 PM CET #

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