Netbeans 6.5 Beta - And A Really Useful Feature

I just installed Netbeans 6.5beta - it reused all my configuration from M1 and 6.0 final without any problems. The built-in SQL editor was significantly improved. It looks not only more decent but comes with the following functionality:

  1. Pagination in the result set
  2. SQL history - somehow similar to "local history". It comes with execution date etc. It's useful
  3. Auto completion: This one is prevents you from misspelling column and table names. It seems, however, not to know the SQL-commands yet  - it operates only on the meta data...
So far it works without any problems. However I'm "just" working on some Java EE 5 projects right now.


And I know a little secret... PL/SQL support is coming soon to NetBeans via the NetBeans Innovators Grant program!

Posted by Tom Wheeler on August 14, 2008 at 08:58 PM CEST #

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