NetBeans 6.8 Java FX Editor For Production? - First Smoke Test

The editing experience was dramatically improved in NetBeans 6.8 (comparing to NetBeans 6.7 or the "old" eclipse plugin), especially:

  1. renaming (refactoring) of functions, classes etc. works like in Java
  2. moving of classes between packages works (references / imports are updated) - also with drag and drop
  3. find usages / overriding methods in open projects / current project works
  4. quick fix for e.g. imports works (alt+enter)
  5. ctrl+click navigation between classes works
  6. ctrl+o (go to type) "full text search in types" works
  7. format works
  8. "fix imports" works
  9. AND: nice, new splash screen and file icons in the project tab :-)

What I miss:

  1. (alt+insert / ctrl+i) code generation inline wizard
  2. more intelligent quick fixes like: create field / variable inline wizard
  3. out-of-the-box maven integration like in Java / Java EE projects in NetBeans 6.8

 NetBeans 6.8 Java FX editor was greatly improved, comparing it with NetBeans 6.7. The new improvements do significantly improve the productivity. I only miss tables, trees and more sophisticated components - then Java FX would be perfectly viable for enterprise, as well as, internet projects. A visual designer would be also nice :-).



For business forms we will get the JavaFX Composer:

br, josh.

Posted by Aljoscha Rittner on December 14, 2009 at 03:41 PM CET #


Posted by shahab on December 21, 2009 at 01:16 PM CET #

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