Noteworthy - GlassFish v2 from CommunityDay (Eduardo's session)

  • Glassfish comes with dual license CDDL and GPLv2 - "no secret" sauce
  • v2 comes with WSIT: Interop between .NET 3.0 and Glassfish (there are already some demos with vista and glassfish available)
  • Glassfish's JAX-WS stack is (supposed to be) faster, than apaches'axis :-)
  • V2's clustering is based on Which is really interesting - JXTA is interesting P2P technology.
  • HADB as well as in memory replication are supported.
  • V2 will support profiles (development, production, enterprise) - they can be chosen during the installation of the domain.
  • Security Enhancements: JDBC realms will be available.
  • V2 is highly scalable because of Grizzly 1.5 - the NIO framework
I'm already looking forward for the v3 session. In case the modularization really works, it can have even impacts to the for Rich Java Clients Architecture


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