Perfect architecture: and there is nothing left for deletion

To define a perfect architecture you should:

  1. Define the intension of every modeled arrow, box, layer or artifact in a wiki. Try to "sell it" by initiate an open discussion with the stakeholders (developers, testers, operators etc.). Be active and invite them for participation. It is easier to create an architecture, then to finally "sell it".
  2. Build a POC for every such an artifact. There should be a 1:1 mapping between the conceptional word of bubbles, arrows and boxes and the source code. If there isn't you aren't done yet.
  3. Go through every artifact and think about whether it is really needed. Ask the question over and over again: "Do we really need it?". If there is no good answer why it exist - just remove it.

And remember: Bubbles don't crash.

It was hard to tweet about it (>140 characters) :-)


Hi Adam,

I totally agree. I took the liberty to add my own thoughts to your post at

I thing the issue is really important and does apply to just about anything we do as software architects, designers, analysts, developers.

Posted by joheinz on April 04, 2009 at 02:06 PM CEST #

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