React, Angular 2, Microservices, High Performance Java EE, Q & A -- Early Autumn Events, Conferences and JUGs

  • Mission Impossible: From HTML 5 to Native Applications, Workshop for Java EE developers, Rapperswil, Tuesday, 13th September. My goal is a (code) walk through the current JavaScript / HTML 5 / CSS eco system. This course is targeted to Java EE developers -- at least I will provide as many as possible relevant samples from the Java EE ecosystem to explain HTML 5 && Co.
  • Live Q&A streaming: October, 3rd, 6 pm CET: Any questions left? Ask now:
  • Live Coding "No-Ceremony" Microservices, CON3436, September, 20th, 14:30, 15:30, JavaOne Conference, San Francisco. Last year I got too many questions and there was no time left for coding. This year I plan to code, build and deploy as many cycles as only possible. Docker, Java EE, Networking, Configuration & Co. topics included. I will answer the questions from the audience concurrently -- without any breakpoints.
  • Live streaming session, Internet Mobile World, "Building Backend Services -- Fast and Straight"
  • Live streaming session, High Load Conf, October, 15th, "Lightning Java EE -- What Is Possible With Stock Servers",
  • October, 19th, JUG Poznan session: "Microservices in 2016 — What Worked Well (this time completely without slides)". This session is about lessons learned and the most frequently asked questions about Microservices and Java EE. This time I plan to spend 99,99% of the time in the IDE. The more questions -- the better.
  • workshop: MUC airport, October, 24th Building React Apps. From setup, over build, to "hot deployment" with the JavaScript "Framework" react. After several React project I would like to present some "working practices".
  • workshop: MUC airport, October, 25th Building Angular 2 Apps. In this workshop I will focus on Angular 2 and will cover the typical project lifecycle - from setup over deployment. This workshop is similar to the "Building React Apps", but only covers Angular 2.

Coming this winter: 5 days Java EE Airhacks: from Bootstrap, over best practices, architectures, testing to microservices:

Also checkout workshops on-demand:


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