REST, DDD, Layers, JSF, Microservices Sizing A UmeJUG Conversation

A conversation with the worlds 2nd northest JUG about Domain Driven Design, Hexagonal Architectures, Hateoas, Transactions, JSF and, of course, microservices.

See you at Java EE Workshops at Munich Airport, Terminal 2 or Virtual Dedicated Workshops / consulting. Is Munich's airport too far? Learn from home:


JPA vs. JDBC are wrong alternatives! EntiyManger.createNativeQuery() can be used to issue any SQL statements within the current JTA transaction. JPA is not bound to Entity objects.

Posted by javaservant on January 23, 2016 at 12:34 PM CET #

This video is the most comprehensive summary of your approach to Java EE so far. Thank you! I wish you would use less confusing names (i.e. avoid the 'BCE' nomenclature). 'Boundary' and 'control' have fluffy meaning which can be interpreted arbitrarily.

Posted by javaservant on January 24, 2016 at 06:27 PM CET #

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