Rethinking Java EE Best Practices - On The Road

I'm already looking forward to the "Real World Java EE Patterns - Rethinking Best Practices" workshop in Zurich (organized by ch-open and JUGS) (already > 50 registrations). At September 10th (Thursday) I will introduce Xtreme Lightweight Architectures (XLAs) with Java EE 6 at JUG Dresden. So see you there - and please prepare some hard, disruptive and heretical questions to ask :-).


Disruptive like "I hate JSF" ?
(you seemed a bit disrupted by that last year :-)

Posted by Jonas Bandi on September 07, 2009 at 05:25 PM CEST #


now I have JSF 2.0 with me - try it again :-),



Posted by Adam Bien on September 07, 2009 at 07:54 PM CEST #

Welcome to Zürich ...

Posted by Felipe Gaúcho on September 08, 2009 at 12:15 AM CEST #


thanks! Nice city, perfect weather, very nice attendees.

My "vacations" are over :-). Have to work again...



Posted by Adam Bien on September 08, 2009 at 11:35 PM CEST #


Heretical questions?

I was wondering how would JSR-299 would impact EJB 3.1 as a programming paradigm in terms of services development.

I had been meaning to ask what is your take with JSR-299 given that you recently had a post about convention over configuration and how it relates to the full dependency injection framework offered by spring.



Posted by Uy Jerwin Louise Vergara on September 09, 2009 at 07:05 AM CEST #

Hi Uy,

you question isn't heretical at all. I get it asked a lot and will cover it in some of my upcoming posts.



Posted by Adam Bien on September 09, 2009 at 01:23 PM CEST #

Hi Adam,

thank you very much for your presentation at JUG Saxony. We've received a lot of postive feedback. The first blog entry can be found at


Posted by Torsten Rentsch on September 14, 2009 at 06:22 PM CEST #

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