Rulz For EntityManager v0.0.2 and Rulz For JAX-RS Released v0.0.3

New releases of Rulz EntityManager and Rulz JAX-RS are available in maven central.

JAX-RS provider comes with three custom matchers (successful(), noContent() and created()):

import static com.airhacks.rulz.jaxrsclient.HttpMatchers.successful;

public class JAXRSClientProviderTest {

    public JAXRSClientProvider provider = JAXRSClientProvider.buildWithURI("");

    public void pingJavaAndVerifyWithMatcher() {

        Response response = (...)
        assertThat(response, is(successful()));

Now the whole library comprises 2 classes...

The Rulz For EntityManager comes with no additional features -- just a superfluous persistence.xml was removed from the project.

See Rulz in episode 5 in the online version of the Effective Java EE 7 workshop.


Adam, what your thoughts on TDD ? I've never seen your comments about this topic. PS: The green book is my dev bible now...Thank you

Posted by Josue on August 30, 2015 at 11:41 AM CEST #

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