Running Netbeans 6.1 on jdk 1.6.0_u10 beta (Consumer "JDK")

I just had some trouble with JAXB and had to upgrade the JDK (JAXB 2.1 comes with > JDK 1.6u4). I went a little bit further and installed the JDK 1.6.0_u10 beta, also known as the "consumer JRE / JDK". I just launched Netbeans 6.1 on it and: 

  1. Netbeans 6.1 launches in 5 seconds (with several Java EE 5 projects). It feels faster, than on jdk 1.6u4
  2.  It seems like the font rendering was improved  - it looks clearer.
  3. ...and JAXB 2.1 just works :-).
I will work with JDK 1.6.0u10 this week - let see how stable it really is.


*Looking at Macbook Pro and boring old Java 5*

*Got to fight the envy, fight it, fight it...*


Posted by Markus on April 06, 2008 at 06:28 PM CEST #

On Ubuntu with Gtk I still have rendering issues of Gtk Comboboxes. Hope those get fixed till the final release. Maybe JDK 1.6 Update N brings more Java apps to the desktop.

I've read that the new Multi-Threading VM in Update N could help Java to be used on web hosting providers too.

Posted by Mike on April 06, 2008 at 11:46 PM CEST #

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