Service Discovery, Micro Service Communication, Fast Deployments, JPA-JSON Serialization, ECB again or 9th Airhacks Q&A

Questions for the 1st December, Monday, 6 P.M. CET, 9th edition of the show:

  1. @AdamBien what would be your take on how to most elegantly deal with resilience and service discovery for JavaEE7 #microservices ? (tweet by @niko_nava)

  2. OData vs. RAW Json (email question from Louw)

  3. what logging framework do you normally use? Seems slf4j is the only library i can’t get rid of in my WARs… (tweet @MichelSchudel)

  4. How to transform entities with OneToMany relationships into json for JAX-RS (lazyinitialization exception is thrown if relationship is not fetched)? Let’s say I have methods getAllUsers() and getAllUsersWithDetails(). I was able to do it with jackson and its jackson-datatype-hibernate dependency. Is there any other, better way? MougLee

  5. I have seen your videos on ECB pattern, but I am not sure, what goes into Control and what into Boundary. You said, that you do it with refactoring, when Boundary gets to big … Could you please provide any more pointers? MougLee

  6. I have a feeling, I have to deploy/redeploy my application all the time during development. Do you have any tips to speed up development as much as possible and avoid deploying code? Without JRebel :-) MougLee

  7. What’s in your opinion the preferred way to handle service-versioning for REST services? mliebl

  8. We are running a JEE application with thousands of EJBs (EAR with 3 different projects refered) which takes around 10 minutes for server start up. Mainly time spent on creating and loading EJBs at startup. How can I bring down the startup time of Jboss server at least in development environment. surendrand

  9. What is the most efficient way to communicate between two μ-Services especially 1. when they are deployed as different WARs and 2. on different Docker images but on the same Docker “Host”/VM/machine. 0x001D

  10. What do you do for simple reporting in enterprise projects ?? Use a BI solution and integrate it ? any alternative ? cristhiank

  11. What are the possible solutions for API Gateway in JavaEE enviroments. Specifically when there is different JavaEE app per business line exposing RestAPIS. tegbird

  12. What are ur views on API management tools provided by vendors as centralized solution to APIs. Is it going the same way as ESBs did to SOA. Nobody understood them, overated and underused. tegbird

  13. I would like to ask you what is more preferable in your opinion: serializing enums to json using enum names in order to send via rest or using enum values instead of enum names for example in case as below: RED(“red”), BLUE(“blue”); 4tran

  14. sometimes you are talking about your personal server you build every 3 years. Can you provide some details (list of components) about your current configuration? github0x1

  15. Most of my JavaFX applications have composite views and so the sub-views have to communicate with each other. I hate nesting controllers using @FXML injection. I think it creates a strong coupling between the views. I use afterburner.fx in most of my projects. What do you think is the best way to communicate across sub-views within a composite view? Thanks. raghsr

  16. I have a hierarchy of organization unit objects (plants, centers, departments, teams, …). Each object has a reference to his parent and his children (getParent(), getChildren()). Everything is loaded and wired during application initialization and I have a service which provides me the object (getObjectByID, …) Now my problem: I want to allow and deny the access to the objects dependent on the user. Is there an easy JEE/CDI way to reach this goal? I mean, how do I tell the plantOrgUnit-Object to deliver only children or parent OrgUnit-Objects which are are permitted (eg by a criteria like a role, or an attribute reflecting the role relation)? May be the question is too stupid. Then please skip it. If you have any modern CDI/EE6 way to handle such kind of problems please provide it (Karsten)

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Hi Adam,

Regarding question 9, can you do a quick demo to show how you are using Hazelcast for the communication between the two services?


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