Simplest Possible Internationalization with Vanilla JavaScript

DOM elements (li) with language-dependent text are going to be marked with the data-i18 data attributes (or any attribute of your choice):

    <li data-i18n>over</li>
    <li data-i18n>under</li>

The internationalized values are maintained in a JavaScript object, which could be loaded from server with fetch as JSON:

const germanConfig = {
    under: "unter",
    over: "ueber"

Now the querySelectorAll function can be used to locate DOM elements with language-specific text contents:

const elements = document.querySelectorAll("[data-i18n]");    
...and replaced with the following function:

const replaceText = (el) => { 
    const key = el.innerText;
    el.innerText = germanConfig[key] || key;
elements.forEach(el => replaceText(el));

See it in action and "from scratch":

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New learning. Thanks

Posted by Arulraj on November 03, 2019 at 03:18 PM CET #

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