Sizing, SSO, Spring, JMS, WebSockets, PL/SQL, Builds, NoSQL or First in 2016

See you today, 11th January, 6 pm CET with the following topics:

  1. A shiny new server
  2. Java EE 8 progress
  3. Multi-module builds for Java EE
  4. Dealing with interfaces and duplication
  5. JAX-WS or @Remote?
  6. How to share JPA entities between layers
  7. Packaging background jobs
  8. Hardware requirements and sizing for Java EE applications with 500 users
  9. JMS vs. WebSockets
  10. PL/SQL migrations to Java EE (JPA/EJB) ?
  11. Spring vs. Java EE from performance perspective
  12. Java EE 8 and NoSQL
  13. Search engines and Java EE
  14. Voip and Java EE
  15. Angular apps with Keycloak

Any questions left? Ask now: or wait one month :-).

You are welcome to ask questions life using the IRC channel (#airhacks freenode), ustream chat or twitter: @AdamBien / #airhacks.

See you at Java EE Workshops at Munich Airport, Terminal 2 or Virtual Dedicated Workshops / consulting. Is Munich's airport too far? Learn from home:


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