State of Java EE 8, Bulkheads, Circuit Breakers, The Most Underhyped Vulnerability or Topics For The Xmas Airhacks Q&A

Topics for the 21st Questions and Answers, 7 PM CET (one hour later).

  1. State of Java EE 8
  2. Discussion of the deserialisation vulnerability in Java EE Context
  3. How to redirect calls from Java EE components into "POJOs"
  4. Asynchronous Programming in Java SE / Java EE
  5. Bulkheads and Circuit Breakers with Java EE
  6. How valuable are ESBs in Java EE context
  7. Role of SOAP as integrator
  8. Afterburner with Gradle?
  9. BCE and where to put utils and interceptors.
  10. How to organize applications with BCE in microservices context
  11. Authentication and authorization with JAX-RS
  12. Tenant-dependent configuration
  13. How to implement SSO with Java EE
  14. Secret plans

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