State Of The "Patterns For Java EE 5 Project"

The p4j5 project is doing well. There are already fifty registered observers, 2 developers and a sample application "Training Database", which was built regarding to some more "esotheric" patterns and ideas (like Persistent Domain Object, Fluent Interface with "Extended" Persistence Context). I use the application by myself to track my progress in sports (running + biking). The architecture of the app is discussed in the current, and upcoming, issues of the JavaSpektrum magazine.

This app can be checked out from SVN (from p4j5) or directly used from There are already about one hundred registered users. However the connection to my Glassfish v2 instance is very slow from outside - so be patient.

Beyond that, in the repository are already about sixty Netbeans 6.0 sample projects, which are directly deployable (and tested) to Glassfish v2.

I will discss some of the patterns during the workshop in frankfurt next week. The theory behind the sample code is explained in detail in my (German) book "Java EE 5 Architectures" ...but who cares about German books? :-).


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