Stress Testing Java EE 6 Applications - Free Article In Free Java Magazine

In the November / December 2011 issue of the free Java Magazine, I described in the article "Stress Testing Java EE 6 Applications" how to stress test Java EE 6 apps with free tools. It is strange: everyone is obsessed about green bars and code coverage, but testing of multi threaded behavior is widely ignored (until the applications run into massive problems).

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imo, Java Magazine is one of the most professionally rendered content-dense developer-centric technology magazines I've ever seen -- and I've been around, subscribing to magazines aimed at software engineers, beyond 3 decades now. I highly recommend subscribing if you're a Java/JVM professional. Adam's article provides advice on the typical real-world issues Java Enterprise developers encounter. We've got to make our app suddenly scale. How do we test it to make sure it can handle sudden load bursts?

Posted by Kevin Farnham on November 17, 2011 at 05:42 AM CET #


I write some articles for Java Magazine already, so my statement may sound somehow subjective.

But: the content, design and the "small little things" make Java Magazine a great resource. At JavaOne I said to the editors " It does NOT look like Java Magazine is published by Oracle". I tried to make a compliment :-)

thanks for your comment - and keep YOUR great work going at (another widely underestimated resource :-))



Posted by Adam Bien on November 17, 2011 at 10:13 AM CET #

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