The Enterprise Java Future Is Bright: Java EE 8 MicroProfile Launched

During the DevNation conference at 27.06.2016 in San Francisco, Red Hat, IBM, Payara, Tomitribe, LJC (additional surprises are possible :-)) announced the availability of the Java EE 8 MicroProfile (at 36m, after the announcement of commercial support of Java EE 7 for JBoss):

See also related blog posts: RedHat, IBM, Payara, TomEE.

What's inside? Right now it is an essential set of JSRs: CDI, JAX-RS and JSON-P (inclusion of Bean Validation 2.0 is also considered). Anything else is going to be decided by the community (join the discussion). The Microprofile Dockerfiles of the supporting vendors are expected to arrive soon.

The Java EE 8 focusses on productivity and "cloud-native" / microservices readiness in high-density scenarios. Before you start solving problems you don't have, consider that "fully loaded" application servers are already surprisingly small, particularly on docker.

See you at Java EE Workshops at Munich Airport, Terminal 2 and particularly at Java EE 7 Microservices, or online:


Please resolve the last link in a: "See also related blog posts: RedHat, IBM, Payara, TomEE." sentence. I expect, TomEE and Payara links should point to different locations, right?

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