The Ingredients and Roadmap of Rebooted Java EE 8 and 9

After one year vacations Java EE 8 was rebooted and is going to be optimised to run on hypervisors and / or container environments. Java EE 8 will focus on the following areas below -- it is a proposal and very likely to change in the JCP process:

Programming Model
  1. Extend for reactive programming
  2. Unified event model
  3. Event messaging API
  4. JAX-RS, HTTP/2, Lambda, JSON-B, (...)
  1. Package applications, runtimes into services
  2. Standalone immutable executable binary
  3. Multi-artifact archives
Key Value/Doc Store
  1. Persistence and query interface for key value and document DB
Eventual Consistency
  1. Automatically event out changes to observed data structures
  1. New spec - interfaces, packaging format, manifest
  2. Ephemeral instantiation
  1. Externalize configuration
  2. Unified API for accessing configuration
  1. Increased density
  2. Tenant-aware routing and deployment
  1. API to store externalized state
  1. Extension to support client-side circuit breakers
  2. Resilient commands
  3. Standardize on client-side format for reporting health
  1. Secret management
  2. OAuth
  3. OpenID

The choices are pragmatic and will make Java EE an even more productive platform. I'm only missing a slightly extended and modernized "Concurrency Utilities for Java EE" ( Particularly the ThreadPool configuration and Backpressure could be easily standardized just by agreeing on features from Particularly useful would be the integration of the statistics (e.g. Bulkheads) with the Health Check API.

Also a standardized management API (not proposed) would simplify the creation of application images through a unified API.

Java EE 8 and 9 will come at light speed to an application server vendor near you. Java EE 8 is expected to be delivered in 2017 and Java EE 9 in 2018.

Oracle is listening now, take the chance and participate at the survey (takes a few mins):

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Actually several of those like OAuth or NoSQL persistency won't come with Java EE 8, but should be deferred to 9.

Posted by Werner Keil on September 26, 2016 at 01:46 PM CEST #

Thanks, nice recap

Posted by Binh Thanh Nguyen on September 27, 2016 at 06:15 AM CEST #

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