The Java (EE) Start To 2013--Q1 Sessions, Events, Workshops

  1. Free Oracle Developer Event at OOP 2013, 24.01.2013, 9.00-16.30 Munich. I plan to write a Java EE 6 application with focus on best practices and patterns.
  2. OOP 2013, Munich, 24.01.2013, 18.30 - 20.00 Session Highway To Enterprise Hell
  3. OOP 2013, Munich, 25.01.2013, Java EE 6/7 Workshop Enterprise Java 2.0 mit Java EE 6/7
  4. 33 Degree Conference, 13-15 March in Warsaw, Poland. I'm still thinking about a good topic around Java EE / Java FX / Pragmatic Architecture. I would like to avoid too many slides again :-)
  5. Java EE Workshops at Munich's Airport also fill quickly. There are already enough registrations for all four days, 25.03-28.03. Pick a day (or all four) and enjoy Java EE.


Hello Adam,

will source code of your application be available after the conference?

Unfortnatelly I cannot be there :(

Thanks Petr

Posted by Petr Bouda on January 17, 2013 at 02:55 PM CET #

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