The JDD Conference - "PolandONE" :-) is over - From Scala over Spy Testing To Distributed Caches

The JDD conference in Krakow was really good. I was picked up by the organizer from the Krakow-Airport together with Manik Surtani - the Lead of JBoss Cache. Really nice guy. We discussed the future directions of caching, scalability, as well as some more cool stuff like azul machines and for what use cases terracotta is actually suitable. We (Ted Neward, Neal Ford and Manik) were invited to dinner - but the conversation went after a short while into less technical, but more funny topics. I had the chance to discuss SOA, Web 2.0, Transactions, legacy integration, and efficient projects in poland /. germany and thoughts about offshore with architects / managers from a huge polish company (ABG).

The conference was really good - with about 400-500 attendees (completely sold-out). The sessions were interesting, Ted Neward talked about programming languages, Manik about JBoss Cache - with some in-depth hints. A polish speaker with a rap-style of presenting was really good as well. He is one of the committers of the mockito (spy) framework - an interesting idea. In my talk I presented the first time in more structured fashion some key changes between J2EE and Java EE - the room was overcrowded and my demo didn't worked as expected - and I had to repeat it (more real world isn't possible :-)).

During the launch break polish JUG organized a series of lightening talks - they were excellent attended as well. I gave a shorttalk about a revival of Fat Clients :-).

I'm already looking forward to the Netbeans World Tour in Poznan, Poznan / Gdansk (Poland) as well.


"For what use cases is terracotta actually suitable"? LOL! Such as standalone, non-clustered environments? Or was it the "very low load" comment that I made? ;)

Good to meet you at JDD, Adam.

Posted by Manik Surtani on October 18, 2008 at 02:14 PM CEST #


I tried to be honest :-). ...and it was actually my comment :-).

It was a nice conference - I hope the after conf party was good as well. I had to fly back because of "real work".

Thanks for your comment!,


Posted by Adam Bien on October 18, 2008 at 02:21 PM CEST #

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