Thorntails' EOL, Generic DAOs, Bulkheads, DTOs, Migrations, JPA, Transactions, Caches--or 77th

Questions and topics ( for the 77th questions and answers live show:

  1. The end of WildFly Swarm / Thorntail
  2. availability
  3. Quarkus on Raspberry PI
  4. How to test abstract GenericDAOs with a produced EntityManager
  5. MicroProfile Bulkheads Clarifications
  6. Customized serialization of master-detail entities
  7. DTO: Always, never of sometimes?
  8. Migrations away from Thorntail
  9. Conditional exposure of various datatypes via JAX-RS
  10. JPA with or without Liquibase and Flyway
  11. Managing distributed JPA caches
  12. JPA settings without persistence.xml
  13. Beans vs. Container Managed Transactions
  14. How to deal with application servers failed redeployments
  15. JAX-RS and serialization magic
  16. Parallel JSON-B and JAX-B serialization and naming strategies
  17. Max JDBC-connections and JPA transactions
  18. Number of beans in EJB pool and Payara
  19. An id-specific execution thread / pipeline

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