Upcoming (2009-2010) Java EE 5/6 Workshops and Events - Some Free

I will talk at the following events / give following classes:

  1. International Java Professional Day in Frankfurt / Langen and explain why I like standards as architect and developer
  2. W-JAX conference in Munich. I will give a keynote with the title: "Future Of Enterprise Java - Reloaded", a workshop about lean and efficient Java EE 6 architectures, a free style hacking session and a talk about cloud computing. We will have an openspace, open-ended :-) workshop / conversation about EJB / Java EE as well.
  3. A workshop about "Pragmatic Enterprise Architectures" in Munich.
  4. January 2010 at the OOP conference - a talk about cloud computing and a Java EE 6 "Rethinking Best Practices" tutorial / workshop.
  5. Februaray 2010, ejugdays 2010 - Spring vs.  EJB "talk" with Juergen Hoeller, Pragmatic Java EE Architectures workshop and a session about "Xtreme Lightweight EJB" :-).
  6. March 2010, at Scanconf.se in Gothenborg  a session about Java EE 6 
Because of my Java EE work / project load, I had to cancel some JUG events / talks. Sorry for that... 


Thanks for providing the information about the free seminar on Java EE....
If I will have time, I will definitely attend it..

Posted by r4ds on November 09, 2009 at 08:00 AM CET #

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