Upcoming Java EE 5/Patterns/Enterprise Architecture talks and workshops

I'm already looking forward for the first Java EE 5 Patterns event (12.09.2007) in Zurich/Switzerland. The Java EE 5 Patterns Workshop is the second part of the Enterprise Architectures (was totally sold out...) workshops from last year. I'll try to explain in one day the serviceoriented, as well as, the objectoriented Java EE 5 programming style.
From 17.09 - 19.09 we will discuss pragmatic "Enterprise Architectures" in Munich. One week later (Munich again), the second part, we will map this "theory" into Java EE 5.

From 08.10 -12.10.2007 I will teach the whole week a Java EE 5 Patterns class in Hamburg. We will spend the whole week creating a small, but fully functional, application based on patterns, idioms and best practices. We will discuss thin, rich clients (Swing App Framework, JSF, WebBeans <=> Seam etc.). Software installation included.... The last time we built a multichannel guestbook, one training before a training db.

I'm also already looking forward to the jax.de conference in Munich from 05.11 - 09.11.2007. I will talk about Java EE 5, Java 6 and the new java.util.Date.
At the 14.11.2007 I will participate in a more "esotheric" conference - SOA. I will discuss the CAPS architectures - with some Java EE 5 examples.

Already committed is also my OOP-conference participation in Munich. I will talk about enterprise architectures and Java EE 5 / Sun Spot based heating control (with considerable energy savings).

The content of the talks is mostly based on my books Enterprise Architekturen and Java EE 5 Architekturen. Your participation is highly appreciated - I already opensourced some of the patterns.


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