Upcoming Java SE/EE events (some free)

I'm already looking forward for the free Open Campus event next week (22.11-23.11) in Erlangen and Paderborn. I will show some non-obvious Java 6 SE features, as well as introduce Java EE 5 with as many examples as possible (of course from scratch with deployment :-)). The last event in this year is the Sun Tech Days conference (3.12-15.12) in Frankfurt ...it is almost free (99€ or 49€ for students). James Gosling and other briliant speakers will cover many interesting topics - (Java EE 6, Java FX Script, JRuby) - from the source (Sun engineers). I will give a whole day Java EE 5 workshop on monday and spend some time at the java.net community corner at 04.12.2007, together with Michael Hütterman (Java Champion, JUG Leader Cologne), Klaasjan Tukker (JUG Leader Netherlands) and Toni Epple (JUG Leader Munich).
Next year starts with the OOP conference in Munich. At wednesday (23.01.2008) I will discuss efficient Enterprise Architectures in real world, after this I'm especially looking forward to introduce the project GreenFire - a heating control based on Java EE 5, Glassfish, Groovy, Java FX and Sun Spots. In February there will be the "Entwicklertage" hacking event again. In the 3-days workshop in Frankfurt we will implement together a fully functional Java EE 5 application from scratch with JMS, EJB 3, JMX, JSF, WebServices and perhaps BPEL.


Heinz and I will be there also talking about concurrency in Java.


Posted by Kirk Pepperdine on November 18, 2007 at 09:26 PM CET #

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