Upcoming JavaEE 7 / JavaFX 8 / HTML 5 Events

  1. JavaEE 7. Complete. Simple. Powerful. Workshop in Zurich, 10th September 2013. New attendee record-breaking.
  2. Four sessions at JavaOne, From JavaEE 7 over NetBeans to JavaFX San Francisco
  3. Pragmatische Java EE 7 Architekturen SourceTalk Tage in Göttingen, 1st October, 2013
  4. Naked (Business) Code -- About Java EE 7 One Day Talk in MUC, 23rd October 2013
  5. Airhacks special event: JavaEE Distribution, Remoting and Persistence Strategies Workshop in MUC, November 21st, 2013, 2nd edition. Seating is limited.
  6. 6th Edition of Airhacks in MUC, 2nd December to 6th December: http://workshops.adam-bien.com. Already sufficient registrations for all slots--will definitely take place.


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