Upcoming JUGs, Online Conferences, Virtual Workshops

  1. Von Java Entwickler zu Web (Components) / PWA / SPA Guru [online event]
    JUG Oberpfalz session 17 Jun 2020
  2. IBM Cloud Dev: Productivity without Drawbacks and Esoterics with MicroProfile and Jakarta EE #slideless [online event]
    free conference session 18 Jun 2020
  3. Web For Java Devs [online event]
    JUG Switzerland session 25 Jun 2020
  4. jpoint: Ignoring fashion trends with Jakarta EE and MicroProfile [online event]
    jpoint conference session 30 Jun 2020
  5. building applications with native web components, redux and lit-html [online event]
    live virtual workshop 9 Jul 2020

NEW: airhacks events are also available from: meetup.com/airhacks/


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