Vanilla WebComponents, MicroProfile, Jakarta EE 8, ExecutorServices, GoF Patterns, NetBeans--or 82nd

Topics and questions for the very first in 2021:

  • The role of vanilla WebComponents in 2021
  • Java, MicroProfile, Jakarta EE in 2021
  • Authentication and authorization with Gluu or Keycloak
  • Jakarta EE 8 monoliths and Hazelcast on Payara vs. microservices
  • Creating managed executor services programmatically in GlassFish / Payara
  • Multiple vs. single executor services in an application
  • The role of GoF patterns
  • Popularity of NetBeans [blog comment]
  • SpringBoot with Quarkus [blog comment]

Any questions left? Ask now: and get the answers at the next

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