WEB 2.0 and Java Architectures

I thought - that I understood essential meaning of WEB 2.0 until I read somewhere "it looks WEB 2.0-ish". My personal definition of Web 2.0 was short:
"Democratic P2P communication model with rich metadata"
So every peer (=user) is able to contribute and consume information. The principles are very similar to the
Java JXTA technology or semantic web. But especially here the UI really doesn't matter. The separation of concerns becomes even more important. In JXTA resources expose their capabilities using "advertisements" - a simple XML-format. Separation of data and presentation is crucial, otherwise you will have to work with screen-scrapers to extract data from UI (e.g. HTML), which was a common technique in legacy integration and "WEB 1.0"... Perhaps WEB 3.0 will address the separation of concerns :-)

Even more confusing for me is the AJAX participation in the WEB 2.0 world. From my perspective the WEB 2.0 is technology-neutral. AJAX, JAVA, or ATLAS are only enabling technologies, which can be used to realize the WEB 2.0 ideas. I had the same problem with SOA. I read several articles which described SOA = SOAP, which is simple wrong. SOAP is only a possible technology for the implementation of the communication model.

I also do not see the need to introduce a new buzzword "Web 2.0". I you consider WEB 2.0 it is more an evolution than a revolution - and from the technological perspective often a step back (e.g. browser hacking, instead of realization of rich clients :-)).

Did I overlooked something?


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