What's Actually Interesting About JavaFX - From The Technical And Business Perspective

Java FX wasn't that great news. Netbeans 6.0 plugin was already available for ages (at least months) - so you could play with it. However there were some interesting strategic movements announced at the JavaONE 2008:

  • Java FX will come with a video and audio codecs from on2 - the demo was really impressive. This makes Java interesting for video / audio streaming
  • Appets can be dragged outside the browser and installed as WebStart - this is really great idea and very useful
  • Java FX will come with some instrumentation which will allow the monitoring of user behavior in all layers (I'm already curious, how it is will be implemented :-)) - something like "Business JMX"
  • The integration with Scenegraph and JWebPane (Swing compatible WebKit implementation) is really exciting and opens new opportunities...
  • JDK 16.u10 was already available - however it could complement the package
So - let see what happens at JavaONE 2009 :-).


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