Why are you not using [the language of the year] instead of Java?

Over the years, I get asked frequently: "Why are you not using [the language of the year] instead of Java?" At my very first serverside project, I had to justify myself for using Java instead of Perl. In the early Java years, I got frequent questions about whether we should switch to Python, later Jython.

I collected the languages for the question Why are you not using (...) instead of Java? in chronological order:

  1. Perl (~1994)
  2. python (~1995)
  3. jython (~1997)
  4. Groovy (~2004)
  5. Scala (~2004+)
  6. Ruby on Rails / jRuby (~2006)
  7. CoffeeScript (~2010)
  8. Ceylon (~2011)
  9. Clojure (~2012)
  10. Dart (~2013)
  11. TypeScript (~2014+)
  12. Kotlin (2017+)

Because of the high project workload, I never managed to learn anything else than Java and JavaScript. Therefore we never had to migrate to anything else. However, if I had to pick one language from the list above, I guess Python would be the most useful one to know.

I'm already curious about the next programming language of the year 2021+.

Maybe it is going to be the compact and expressive COW-language (2006 blog post)?


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