Why blogging? ...a partial answer

About one year ago I wrote my first post "Why blogging?". Everything started with my interests in the rollerweblogger  (btw. it is really great) software, which I tried out - and wrote my first post. Actually I use my blog as a notepad and partially for the validation of some of my views and opinions.
What I didn't expect is the steady traffic growth. In fact some posts overwhelmed my server - it was oomed (which is fixed now).
I was just curious and tried to analyze the logs with a standard webanalyzer (webalizer). It was not able to read the huge logs and I had to patch it. The traffic is still growing,

it started with about 10.000 visitors/month, in july they were 70.000 visitors and is still growing. So on an average day, there is a small conference on my server...
Some posts are read several thousands times. But I like the traffic - so I have a good opportunity to tune the glassfish server :-).

But actually I like blogging for a couple of other reasons -  because of the great feedback. Actually I learned more reading the comments, than writing the actual posts :-).  I enjoy especially some posts from qinxian - his style is really funny. I will keep blogging, but also upgrade to Apache Roller 3.1, so that the duplicate posts of the same post should be fixed.


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