Why You Should File Bugs - The Glassfish Case

I used Java EE 6 before its release (at December, 10th) in various projects and needed a server for development, test and deployment :-). Glassfish v3 is the official RI, easy to install server with very good NetBeans and Eclipse integration - so it became the natural choice. I filed some bugs / features requests during the migration and development of my projects.

What really surprised me was the responsiveness of the whole engineering team. It was like chatting - I got a response in few minutes. Sometimes the solution to my problem made into the next nightly build. It is exactly the opposite experience, to what I encountered in projects with closed source application servers and "platinum contracts"

The next surprise was a nice email I got after the release. Most of the bugs were fixed!:

"We've just released GlassFish v3 final, a full Java EE 6 open source app server, and we'd like to thank you for your contribution with the following bug report(s) which were fixed in this release :

     [5674] - EJB 3.1 Extension is Not Visible In Updatetool On Vista
5679] - Module Pre-Bundling For Easier Installation in GF 3
5808] - Re-deployment of the same WAR with EJB 3.1 fails
5841] - Interceptors are ignored (works with GF v2) for no-interface session beans
5844] - EJB 3.1 Container Is Not Visible In the Admin Console
5865] - Global JNDI Name (EJB 3.1) Seems To Be Incorrect
5977] - Support For EJBContainer.createEJBContainer / Embeddable EJB container
6106] - After Clearing The Logfile, The Output remains blank
9795] - Sessions Beans Are Not Visible in WAR Deployment
10469] - Performance of Embeddable Container Dramatically Decreased
10477] - Undeployed EAR Is Still Visible In the Tree
10479] - Separation of EJB 3 Interface and Bean in Different Jars Cannot Be Deployed
10499] - The activation of the admin UI takes too long and happens after every restart
10598] - RESTful admin interface seems not to work
10637] - EJB Embeddable Container Doesn't Work with Web Service EJB endpoint (promoted build 70)
10768] - Deleted Projects Cannot Be Removed

GlassFish v3 is available for download from : 

We greatly appreciate your contribution as it helped us make GlassFish better for you as well as for other users. 
We're looking forward to receiving more feedback from you in the future.

thank you very much,

--The GlassFish Team

Special thanks to the whole engineering team for be as responsive and honest under pressure - shortly before the actual release and Judy Tang the coordinator of the FishCat program. Her responses had milliseconds latency :-). 


Don't take the response time for granted though, it's really part of the deal of being on the bleeding edge and reporting detailed bugs like you do during a period when the development team is particularly responsive. SLA can only be offered as part of a support contract ;)

Posted by Alexis MP on December 29, 2009 at 06:11 PM CET #


it was a special information - I know. But having a support contract is necessary anyway, in case you want to have patches delivered earlier than official releases.

Btw. I had to file some bugs for commercial application servers having a high profile support-contract in place. The experience wasn't comparable at all :-).

The quality of my submissions wasn't always o.k. (lack of time etc.) - but the response was nice and polite.

thanks and happy new year!,



Posted by Adam Bien on December 29, 2009 at 06:53 PM CET #

Hello Mr Adam,

I used your function of search :
public List<Object> findByQuery(Class entityType, Map<String, Object> parameters) throws BGISystemException{
try {
Set<Entry<String, Object>> rawParameters = parameters.entrySet();
Query query = em.createQuery(
"FROM " + entityType.getSimpleName());
for(Entry<String, Object> entry : rawParameters) {
query.setParameter(entry.getKey(), entry.getValue());
return query.getResultList();

When i pass to the test of the function like this :
Map<String, Object> param = new HashMap<String, Object>();
param.put("name", "adam");

and i call this function, i have an exception :" org.hibernate.QueryParameterException: could not locate named parameter [private java.lang.String com.bgi.jpa.Customer.name]"
for the attribute "name",
I try to use reflexion to solve this(Customer.class.getDeclaredField("name") but i have this exception :"java.lang.NoSuchFieldException: private java.lang.String com.bgi.jpa.Customer.name"
Customer is my entity ,and i want to acced the name of this entity.
Please help me to solve this exception, i must give the solution in my work.
I want to be one day like you, i like very much your book Real World Java EE Pattern.

Posted by Onepiece on January 11, 2010 at 02:11 AM CET #

Hello Mr Adam,
I want to try this function without a named Query in the entity, it's possible.

Posted by Onepiece on January 11, 2010 at 11:18 AM CET #

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