Yes/NO User Input in Jenkinsfile

The method input within the Jenkinsfile suspends the build and waits infinitely for the user input with configurable options.

A Yes / No dialog waits for user input and returns true / false with the following code snippet:

def doesJavaRock = input(message: 'Do you like Java?', ok: 'Yes', 
                        parameters: [booleanParam(defaultValue: true, 
                        description: 'If you like Java, just push the button',name: 'Yes?')])

echo "Java rocks?:" + doesJavaRock

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I'd suggest to never do that without enclosing it inside a 'timeout' block ; or you have chances to block your server/build nodes ; can be problematic on an enterprise installation.

In order to have a default handling on timeout follow instructions on this support ticket

A good hint also would be to send an email/SMS/notification to people who have to act/react before blocking the pipeline.

Posted by Matthieu Brouillard on March 20, 2017 at 03:29 PM CET #

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