Afterburner.fx 1.6.2 Is Available

Version v.1.6.2 of the "opinionated un-framework for Java FX Applications" afterburner.fx released.

This release incorporates improvements from the community (thanks to JanGerritsen, aliebelt, rajmahendra) and fixes a bug which ignored a custom injection context passed to a view via constructor (thanks to jeanvc).


Hi Adam, today I was toying a bit with afterburner. What got me hooked is the very lightweight injection feature. Allow me to ask two questions:

1. Is there a way to initialize a presenter in its constructor, or a non-public postConstruct method - with access to FXML injected fields? I don't like the public initialize method which anybody can call any number of times. Doing this in a constructor would also allow me to use final members whenever possible.

2. FXMLView.getPresenter() returns Object only. What is the intended purpose here, ie. why not use a generic type parameter?

BTW, ultimately I want to combine Afterburner and TestFX and inject mocks etc.

Posted by Werner Lehmann on February 18, 2015 at 01:37 AM CET #

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